Since Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media platforms suspends / bans Donald Trump; we have visualised all the Twitter Trends in regards to Donald Trump.

There were around 300 Trending Topics related to President Donald Trump which were recorded all around the Year 2020.

So, here’s every time President Donald Trump was trending on Twitter in the Year 2020… and they are almost 300 Trends which we have recorded over time.

Starting with the video, watch till…

Hashtags from each day of the Month of December 2019 visualised as a Pie Chart… this helps in finding the top trends.

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Find what was on each day of the Month of December 2019


It’s a special post dedicated to our friends in #Thailand!

Twitter Hashtags Trending in Thailand on the Day One of 2020, 1st January!

A very warm “Happy New Year” to all of you.

Full HD Video on YouTube

What was on the First Day of new Decade 2020

Watch till the end to explore the most POPULAR videos Trending on YouTube on “25th December 2019”. The visualization includes videos on their popularity and list includes sorted videos on their VIEWS count on YouTube

Find out what’s currently Trending in your Country and Worldwide here on

Link to the Visualization:

All the videos on the YouTube Channel of “Star Wars” videos are sorted on Views Count and the included Visualization is based on all the Trailers on Channel.

Link to the interactive Visualization


Have a look at the animating sorted Video on YouTube

Link to the Visualization:

Most VIEWED video on YouTube Channel

The Visualized Social Media

TheVisualized version of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Initiated as a fun, then POC and now moving fast to make the world more visually avlble. @thevisualized

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